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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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Introducing our Benjamin Franklin History Candle, a unique and captivating way to experience the essence of one of America's most revered Founding Fathers. This candle offers a tantalizing blend of warm leather and patchouli notes that will transport you back to the era of the American Revolution.

As you light the candle, the warm leather aroma will fill your home, creating a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of colonial times. The patchouli scent, known for its earthy and spicy undertones, will complement the leather scent, creating a harmonious blend that will invigorate your senses.

Not only does this candle offer an exquisite fragrance experience, but it also serves as a piece of history. Benjamin Franklin was a polymath, a statesman, and a scientist whose influence shaped the founding of the United States. This candle is an excellent way to honor his legacy and pay tribute to his contributions.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, this candle is made with soy blend wax and premium fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting, clean burn that will fill your home with its captivating scent for hours on end. Its sleek and minimalist design makes it an ideal decor piece for any home or office, and its unique history-inspired fragrance makes it a perfect gift for history enthusiasts, candle lovers, or anyone who appreciates a touch of nostalgia.

Experience the essence of Benjamin Franklin with this exceptional candle that combines the fragrance of warm leather and patchouli, creating a truly memorable scent experience.


Top notes: Rosewood, Lignin
Middle notes: Worn Leather, Cedar
Base notes: Dark Tonka, Patchouli, Sandalwood

        CANDLE INFO:

        • Size: Volume 7.5oz | 212g Net Weight | 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5"
        • Beautiful Amber Jar with Black Lid
        • Burn Time: 40+ Hours
        • Wick: 100% Cotton (Lead and Zinc Free)
        • Wax: Proprietary Soy Based Wax Blend
        • Premium Fragrance Oil
        • Made in the USA | Hand-poured in Columbus, Ohio

        CANDLE CARE:

        • Always Trim Your Wick to 1/4" Before Candle is Lit Each Time to Avoid Any Soot
        • Burn Candle so Wax Pool Reaches the Jar Edge Each Time to Prevent Wax Tunneling
        • Burn Candle No More Than 4 Hours at a Time and Do Not Burn Candle with Less Than a 1/2" of Wax Remaining
        • Keep Candle Away from Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets
        • Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended
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